Tip of the Week: Quick Tack Cleaning

Finding the time to do a deep-down tack cleaning can be tough, but if you do a quick cleaning after each ride, you won’t have to spend hours doing a deep clean every few months. Use this tip to keep your tack clean without spending hours scrubbing!

A hand wipes down a western saddle to clean the saddle.
Wiping down your tack after every ride will make your deep clean easier.

Tip: Wipe down your tack after every ride to prevent the build-up of dirt and sweat.

Try this method that is under 2 minutes:

  • 30 seconds: Use a clean towel to wipe the bit clean.
  • 60 seconds: Slightly moisten the same towel and wipe down the underside of your tack—anywhere that may have come in contact with sweat. Sweat will break down leather, so this step will prolong the life of your tack.
  • 30 seconds: Finally, use the same towel to scrub away any dirt or mud accumulated on the outside of the girth or the bearing surface of the stirrup.

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