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If you’ve dreamed of a way to partner with your horses in a career where you all can excel, the Touched by a Horse® Equine Facilitator™ Program will give you the knowledge and expertise to create experiences that change human lives and put money in your pocket. Read on to learn how to start your own equine business.

This program focuses on 18 Equine Mindfulness Experiences that you can use as tools to unlock the potential of your participants. Through these experiences—that are so much better than the dry PowerPoint presentations and workbooks offered in other emotional quotient retreats—your clients become more self-aware and empowered. The tools and techniques you learn can be applied to groups, families, and both large and small business.


The Equine Facilitator program allows you to partner with your horse to help others. Photos courtesy of Kimberly Beer.

The Equine Facilitator™ training program gives you a foundation for a turnkey equine business including predesigned workshop formats, business knowledge, insurance resources, forms, tools, and much more. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be able to confidently step forward into a new business alongside your horses.

Here’s what you will learn.

  • How to add group facilitations to your existing business or how to make it a standalone business

Teacher and program founder, Melisa Pearce will outline a business plan to help you launch a facilitator business. You will also receive all needed materials that allow you to begin working immediately after graduating the program

  • How to facilitate group workshops with horses

You will be equipped with experience and knowledge on how to facilitate and use contact with horses to encourage development.

  • Equine group facilitation safety

Learn how to work with your horse to prepare him for facilitation workshops. From desensitization to participating in a safety demo that allows you to practice to then go work with your horse.

  • How to market Group Equine Mindfulness Experience Workshops

In the nine-month course, you will also learn marketing skills that will help you to fill your workshops with participants.

As an Equine Facilitator, you can work with clients as individuals or in a group setting. Photos courtesy of Kimberly Beer.

Here’s what you will receive to start your business. 

  • Three live Zoom classes each month

Work with Melisa Pearce during Zoom classes. If you miss a class or want to go back and rewatch a course, you can access an online course dashboard that has class recordings and additional training videos.

  • Three intensive trainings demonstrating the experiences

In addition to the three monthly Zoom classes, you will also receive another three trainings that demonstrate the 18 Equine Mindfulness Experiences. These trainings are also live.

  • Permission to use the 18 Equine Mindfulness Experiences as an Equine Facilitator

After the completion of the course, you will have access to the experiences and are granted permission to use them within your Equine Facilitator business to use as demonstrations.

Still not sure if being an Equine Facilitator is right for you? Here are a few reasons it might be.

  • You want to help people through horses
  • You have a desire to learn more about human and equine behavior, relationships, and communication
  • Want an additional stream of income to support your horses

To learn more about Touched be a Horse® or if you’re interested in becoming an Equine Facilitator click here.


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