Thanksgiving Weight Loss

In the November issue, we asked our readers what horse-ercises they'll use after Thanksgiving.


To Lose That Weight, I’ll…
Walk my five-acre paddock and toss out the rocks. A never-ending job.
Jo Costello, California

Heft hay bales. Our pasture will be gone by then, and we’ll be throwing out 50-pound hay bales for the next four or five months.
Mara Watson, South Carolina

Tackle some put-off projects that will keep me out at the barn?and away from the leftovers. First on the list: Refinishing an old driving cart.
Dana Moore, Colorado

Man the wheelbarrow ’til spring. Portland’s wet fall/winter weather means I have to park the mini tractor/trailer we use to haul stall cleanings to the manure dump site. It’s a 200-yard trek, one way.
Patty Brumley, Oregon

Practice my showmanship by jogging next to my horse. I also find riding in two-point position?like a jumper rider?is quite aerobic.
P.B. Jules, New Mexico

Sprint from the house to the barn and back, instead of strolling. As a bonus, it helps keep me warm on the coldest days.
Jenna Johnson, Washington

Ride my horse to the McDonald’s drive-through, instead of taking the car.
Sophie Thomas, Virginia

Hand-walk my horse during warm-ups and cool-downs. I give my older mare a lot of walk time before and after work sessions, so when I want to burn calories, I just hop down and stride out next to her. (The sandy arena makes for an extra-challenging leg-toner!)
Kelsey Watanabe, Florida

Ride as much as possible. Our November weather is typically fabulous—–?in the 60s or 70s. (Not to mention a nice break after 100+ temps for two months in the summer!)
Nala Ann Harris, Texas

Give each of my horses a vigorous currying, alternating arms. Then I work my legs with a series of step-ups onto hay bales.
Julia Edwards, Idaho

Drop my stirrups for at least part of my practice session, every day. really gets the blood pumping.
Paula Jensen, Arizona

Lug buckets of warm water to try to thaw out a frozen water tank in the pasture. That is a workout.
Kurt Moorman, Nebraska



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