If you’re seeking alternative therapies, chances are you’ll encounter a wide variety of different gadgets and gizmos designed to help keep your horse comfortable. Although a full review of therapeutic equipment available for use on horses is beyond the scope of this article, here’s just a sampling of what you’re likely to encounter, and where to go for more information.

Laser light waves of a specific wavelength are applied to tissues to stimulate cellular metabolism and improve circulation. It’s most commonly used to treat wounds, although it has applications for treating muscle and joint pain as well as soft tissue injuries.

Active Compression/Dry Cold Therapy
This device applies pulses of pressure in a cold wrap to help mobilize fluid, encourage blood flow, and drive cold therapy further into tissues. It’s an optimal form of treatment for any injury or condition where “cold hosing and a bandage” would be recommended——including any soft tissue injury, cellulites, or management of chronic arthritis.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Sound waves of a specific wavelength are passed through the body and have a “micro-massage” effect deep within the tissues. This effect promotes protein synthesis and aids circulation to help stimulate healing. Therapeutic ultrasound is used for reducing scar tissue, treating joint pain and muscle spasms, and helping to promote healing of soft-tissue injuries.

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