Tip of the Week: Saddle Fit with Ken McNabb

Learn how to properly check your saddle fit on your horse with these tips from expert Ken McNabb in this video from Horse&Rider OnDemand.

A saddle sits on a horse.

Does your horse like to flatten his ears or swish his tail when you go to saddle him? Or maybe you’re constantly fighting to stay balanced during a ride? If any of this sounds familiar, you may be riding in tack that doesn’t fit you or your horse properly.

If you want your horse to perform well, you need tack that lets him do his job and doesn’t interfere with his natural movement. Just like a poorly fitting sneaker can interfere with your daily workout routine, your horse’s saddle fit can be the difference between a lifetime of comfortable rides or a long list of painful experiences and potential behavior problems.

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Watch this video from Horse&Rider OnDemand to get Ken McNabb’s tips for knowing if your saddle fits your horse properly.

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