A Guide to Saddle Rigging

Finding the right saddle fit is important - understanding rigging and the different functions can up your saddle shopping game.
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Paint Horse Stallion

Western Saddles 101

If you’re trying to choose a new Western saddle, check out this guide to the different types of saddles, used in a variety of disciplines.
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Colorado Horses

3 Common Saddle Fit Terms (And What They Mean)

When you’re trying to ensure a comfortable saddle fit for your horse, don’t be confused by these common terms.
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Cutting Saddles and Saddle Pads

Horse&Rider OnDemand expert Jade Keller talks about the saddles and pads he likes to use on his cutting horses.
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Tip of the Week: Saddle Fit with Ken McNabb

Learn how to properly check your saddle fit on your horse with these tips from expert Ken McNabb in this video from Horse&Rider OnDemand.
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Saddle Placement

Ryan Rushing shows you how he likes his saddles to fit when he's saddling.
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Evaluate Your Saddle

Trivia Challenge: Do You Know the Parts of a Saddle?

Do you know the parts of a saddle and how it can affect your horse? Quiz yourself and learn why each answer is correct from owner of CSI Saddle Pads, Donna Saddoris.
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AskAnnie HR Header Episode 57

#AskAnnie - Episode 57: Woodrow Star, Hamley & Co.

Tune in to Episode 57 to hear the legacy of Hamley & Co and the pride they have for their leather work from their very own saddle maker, Woodrow Star.
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Saddle Fit Seminar: Saddle Terms

Donna Saddoris, owner of CSI Saddle Pads, breaks down saddle fit terms and how to evaluate if your horse’s back is sore.
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4 Saddles to See at Cowboy Christmas

Here are four saddles at Cowboy Christmas that are stunning—and waiting for you to take them home!
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Best Jumping Saddle

When you’re working a horse over obstacles, it goes without saying that a dedicated jumping saddle is usually your best bet. Cut differently than basic English saddles, they’re designed to better accommodate shorter stirrups and a more forward position over jumps. This is where features that enhance rider security and stability come in handy. Check out our recommendations.
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#ADayWithAmberley: Don't Be Afraid to Use Your Saddle Horn

Amberley Snyder explains why it's okay to use the saddle horn and use it for balance when doing drills.
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3 Things To Look For with Saddle Fit

Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Rhonda Martin helps you select a saddle tree once you have evaluated your horse’s topline.
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Al Dunning Tack Talk: Seats and Cantles

Just about any seat and cantle will work for most all Western events, but discipline-specific specializations in these saddle parts will help you succeed at the highest levels.
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Evaluate Your Saddle

Evaluate: Does Your Saddle Really Fit

Owner and Founder Donna Saddoris explains what you need to do when selecting a saddle for your horse. Use these simple tips to evaluate your saddle.
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