The Tools to Gussy Up

A brush kit is an effective and convenient way to keep your grooming goods in one place.

Model: Newmarket groom tote.
Maker: Horseware.
Why buy: The easy-to-carry bag has the seven basic tools needed to take your horse from pasture to under saddle.
Cool features: Available in classic color schemes with chocolate, navy, or gold accents.
More info: (800) 406-8204;
Price: $54.99

Model: Grooming toolkit.
Why buy:
Tote contains seven grooming pieces and interior straps to secure bottles or sprays upright and in place.
Cool features:
Mesh bottom allows dirt, water, and debris to pass through easily.
More info:
(800) 365-1311;

Model: Luckystar grooming kit.
Maker: Equestria.
Why buy: Nine piece set has matching tote with six pockets; drawstring closure; and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap.
Cool features: Available in lime, melon, or blackberry.
More info: Visit
Price: $56.05

Model: Show Time groomer’s set.
Maker: Tough-1.
Why buy: Twelve-piece grooming set has all the basics, plus. The matching tote is available in several colors and keeps tools in place and ready for quick transport.
Cool features: The show-ready set includes a finishing brush, braiding comb, and band cutter, as well as a tack hook.
More info: Visit
Price: $54.88

It may seem like a misuse of money to purchase a bag full of brushes, thinking a basic curry and a hoof pick is enough for your grooming regimen. But, it might be worth adding a little extra to your otherwise-minimalist approach. Quality maintenance and a thorough grooming routine will keep your horse healthy, comfortable, and attractive. Here’s a grooming-kit guide that’ll help ensure that your tote meets your needs.

Body brush. Stiffer bristle brush to be used over the entire body. This universal grooming tool loosens matted material and removes it from the coat.

Soft brush. Softer brush that removes loose dust and dirt from the horse’s coat and cleans sensitive areas of the body, like the face and legs. Short, flick-like strokes remove debris from the hair, so your horse can sport a shiny, clean coat.
Curry comb. Metal or rubber comb that dislodges clumps of mud, hair, or debris. (A helpful tool for removal of shedding hair and tough dirt.)

Hoof pick.
A grooming-kit essential that picks packed dirt, rocks, and muck out of a horse’s feet. Note: Regular removal of material from the sulci will help avoid infections such as thrush, and foot bruising from lodged rocks.

Mane and tail comb. Picks out knots and dirt from the mane and tail. The wide-toothed comb is less likely than a conventional brush to pull hair. (For especially tangled locks, separate the bulk into more manageable portions, or start from the bottom of strands and work your way up as you detangle.)

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