Trailer Innovations

In the market for a new trailer and accessories? Here are nine products that can make hauling horses more comfortable, stylish, and fun.

We’re guessing you’ve already spent many hours hooking up the trailer and hauling to shows, lessons, and trailheads this spring and summer. If you’re ready to upgrade your current hauler or buy a brand-new trailer, we have nine products to consider.

Lakota Colt Edition Living-Quarters Trailer

The idea: The Colt Edition is a budget-friendly living-quarters trailer.

How it works: If a tight budget has precluded you from purchasing a trailer with living quarters, the Lakota Colt Edition might be right for you. Choose from several floor plans designed with 6-foot-9-inch or 8-foot widths and 7-, 9-, 11-, or 15-foot lengths in the living-quarters area. Interior-design options for cabinetry and upholstery colors are more limited than in other models but provide the luxury of a home on wheels. The all-aluminum living-quarters trailer features a treated wood floor exclusively in the horse area.

Learn more: Price varies by model;

Bulldog Velocity Jack

The idea: Save time with a rugged jack that’s unaffected by cold-weather conditions. Includes wired remote; an optional wireless remote is available.

How it works: The Bulldog Velocity Jack offers 12,000 pounds capacity per leg. Powered by a 12-volt DC power source, such as an automotive battery, the jack raises and lowers the trailer a total of 24 inches. The jack travels at about 20 inches per minute compared to competitor models at 16 inches per minute. The jack mounts without welding and requires no hydraulic oil, hoses, or pumps. “Those in agriculture need equipment that’s rugged and will perform like it’s supposed to, every time,” says product manager Mike Murphy. “It works as hard as you do because nobody has time to waste.”

Learn more: $1,375;

PowerChannel Awning and Hardware Rail

The idea: New this year, you can convert the space under your awning into a mobile-home patio for outdoor enjoyment.

How it works: Choose from the all-in-one PowerChannel Awning (where the hardware is built into the power tube) or the PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail (designed to mount on a trailer where the awning tube is out of reach, for ease of access). Once installed, add accessories to create a comfortable entertainment area anywhere you go. The versatile PowerChannel powers up to five accessories and eliminates the need for messy extension cords. It’s convenient and easy-to-use—just twist the accessory into the channel, and it locks in place. Optional accessories include a Bluetooth speaker, fan, and an LED spotlight.

Learn more: Accessories sold separately and start at $50 each;

Sooner Premier Living-Quarters

The idea: After a long haul or a full day in the saddle, Sooner’s Premier Living Quarters can help you relax and rejuvenate in lavish accommodations.

How it works: The Premier Living-Quarters features a plush interior that can be customized fit to your style and budget. Solid-wood cabinetry, a wide range of floor plans, and any upgradable options you can imagine are available with this model. This 8-foot-wide living-quarters-area trailer comes in three- and four-horse models.

Learn more: Prices vary based on size and options selected;

Easy Care Flooring by Featherlite

The idea: The Easy Care Flooring system eliminates the need for bedding and mats, making cleaning a snap.

How it works: The Easy Care Flooring has a porous surface that allows fluids to move through it. Microban Antimicrobial Technology helps prevent the growth of bacteria, and the ¾-inch thickness offers ultimate comfort and safety for the horses you haul. The Easy Care Flooring is available on most new and existing Featherlite models.

Learn more: $55 to $60 per square foot, depending on trailer width;

Draw-Tite Rear-Mounted Hitch

The idea: Not a fan of traditional rear hitches? This custom-fit hitch won’t draw attention from your truck and is designed specifically for 2015 through 2017 Ford F-150 trucks.

How it works: This hitch was created based on the demand for a less-noticeable hitch. Once installed, the cross-tube lies behind the rear bumper so that only the receiver tube is visible. “Trends point to more concealed hitch designs as opposed to exposed,” shares Brian Peterson with Horizon Global Americas. “This trend has stemmed from the increased value in vehicles and customers not wanting to see the cross-tube of their hitch.”

Learn more: $216.77;

Exiss Side-Load Models

The idea: This year, Exiss is introducing a new line of side-load models that feature greater flexibility for loading and unloading.

How it works: The side-load models feature larger rear tack compartments for easy access and storage of tack and equipment. In addition to several side-load models, Exiss also introduced a livestock trailer with a 54-inch side-access door constructed with a longer 8-foot nose, a lower air gap, and V-nose options.

Learn more: Price varies by model;

Flettner Ventilator

The idea: Reduce hauling stress from overheating with a vent that can be installed on any trailer model.

How it works: The Flettner Ventilator is a European product that mounts on top of the trailer to vent air out. “We tested it on our trailer during a hot highway trip in Tennessee when the external temperature was near 100 degrees,” says Debbie Stice of Horse Trailer Accessory Store. “The Flettner Ventilator lowered the temperature in the box by 13 degrees.” The quiet, wind-powered vent extracts heat, odors, and moisture, which helps minimize respiratory problems in addition to cooling the trailer. Once installed, park the trailer in an area where it can catch a breeze, and the ventilator turns nonstop.

Learn more: Starting at $155;

Smart Arm Awning

The idea: The Solera Smart Arm 12-volt power awning incorporates intelligent features built right into the awning arm for convenient access.

How it works: Feel secure and be prepared for adverse weather conditions with this built-in control unit. The Smart Arm includes an infrared security system that provides peace of mind. “If someone walks up to your trailer when you’re asleep inside, the awning lights will illuminate when the photocell senses heat and motion,” says Jerod Lippert, vice president of marketing and public relations for Lippert Components. The Smart Arm also includes weather-sensing capabilities so the awning automatically retracts when inclement weather arrives. Toggle between three different levels of wind sensitivity, or completely deactivate the wind sensor. The Smart Arm Awning is currently available only at the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) level. It’ll be available for aftermarket purchase later this year.

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