Trivia Challenge: Fence Building Basics

Try your hand at these basic fence building trivia questions, to see if you're ready for your next project!

This article is part of our Fencing Awareness Month brought to you by Bekaert.

If you’ve been following along with our Fencing Awareness month brought to you by Bekaert Fencing, we hope you’re learning and loving it! Keeping your horse safe in his enclosure is our responsibility. Building a fence that is safe and sturdy for your horse, while also being an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property is a balancing act.

Try your hand at these trivia questions about building a new fence, and check your answers at the bottom!

1. What is the recommended depth for planting fence posts when building a horse fence?

a) One third of the post’s length

b) Half of the post’s length

c) 6 inches into the ground

2. What is the minimum recommended height for an average horse fence?

a) 7 feet

b) 8 feet

c) 5 feet

3. Which of these fencing blunders can be a safety hazard for your horse?

a) Poor visibility

b) Neglecting fence maintenance

c) Planting fence posts too far apart

d) All of the above

Alexey Stiop/


A: Put about one third of the post’s length into the ground to ensure stability.

C: 5 feet is the minimum recommended height for your average horse fence. However, based on your horse’s height, needs, and temperament, you might want to consider an even taller fence.

D: All of these can pose a hazard to your horse’s safety.

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