Horse&Rider Trail Riding Monthly: Volume 13 | Your Best Trail Ride

Trail riding can be a peaceful and relaxing experience if everything goes well. This issue of Trail Riding Monthly has everything you need to make sure your next trail ride is smooth sailing.

Whether this year you’re having your first ever foal or you’re a seasoned breeder, this foaling guide will help you navigate the days leading up to and following your foal’s arrival. With advice from experts on handling young horses and how-to information on weaning your foal, you’ll be geared with the knowledge to handle the things that come with foaling. 

In this edition of Horse&Rider Monthly, you’ll receive the following:

• Foal supply list

• Weaning tips

• Information on genetic testing

Horse&Rider Monthly features the same trusted Horse&Rider content to provide all you need for today’s Western horse life. Receive tips from top professional trainers, clinicians, and horsekeeping experts delivered directly to your inbox. 

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