How to Help the Brant and Priest Families After a Devastating Fire

On June 8th, 2024, a horrific fire ripped through the barn of Brandon Brant Performance Horses and Eric Priest Performance Horses. When the losses were calculated, over 40 incredible horses had lost their lives, and Eric had suffered 2nd degree burns while trying to save horses from the blaze.

As horse owners, we have a tremendous gift for coming together when times get tough for someone in our community. This tragedy is no exception. Due to this horrifying event, these trainers and their families have been left without income, resources, equipment, and most importantly, without many beloved horses.

If you’re looking to help with relief efforts, listed below are some important links to check out.

With almost 600 items listed at this auction, proceeds will go to the Brant and Priest Family.

Bidding Opened: June 24, 2024 – Bidding Closes: June 26, 2024


Along with the auction to benefit the families, there are donation sites set up to help with the losses. If you would like to donate to the families that lost so much in this fire, find the links below.

Gofundme for Eric Priest

Gofundme for the Brant Performance Horses

Find more information over at the Brant and Priest Family Fundraiser Facebook Page, found HERE

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