Everything You Need to Know About the Ranch Horse Triple Crown Challenge

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Are you a ranch horse fan? Maybe you don’t miss a Ranch Riding show, or you appreciate the versatility of these horses. If this sounds like you, don’t miss the Ranch Horse Triple Crown Challenge. We will be on site providing coverage of this event, chatting with competitors, and bringing you all the highlights. Let’s break it down.


Daniel Patton is the founder and creator of the Ranch Horse Triple Crown Challenge. He has partnered with The American Paint Horse Association to offer this event, presented by Four Star Quarter Horses, during the APHA/IRHA World Show.


The International Ranch Horse Association is offering big opportunities to ranch horses and their riders including IRHA world championship classes and expanded Ranch Horse Triple Crown events. The Triple Crown Challenge is an event that showcases Ranch Riding, Ranch Rail, and Ranch Trail. With All-Breed classes, Open, Non-Pro, and Youth Divisions, there’s something for everyone! Expect to see bonus payouts for those who win all three classes in their respective division. As well as $40,000 added in Open & Non-Pro Divisions to be split equally between all six classes


Ranch events will take place June 30-July 6, running in conjunction with the APHA World Show.


Fort Worth, Texas


These events will further promote the Ranch Horse classes, as they continue to rise in popularity.

[Interested in Ranch Riding? We’ve got you covered. Find lessons from the King of Ranch Riding himself, Bud Lyon, HERE]

[Find the press release from this event HERE]

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