Best Cribbing Collars

Cribbing is a habit that’s best addressed sooner rather than later. If left unchecked, this unfortunate behavior can become addictive for your horse, and the consequences can range from dental damage to weight loss to endless fence repairs and the costs associated with all of the above. Check out these different cribbing collars to find the right match for your horse.
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Best Over All

Miracle Anti-Cribbing Collar

Two-Strap Collar for Better Fit

A high-quality, anatomically correct cribbing solution

What We Liked:

This leather cribbing collar was designed by an equine dentist and features a strap that goes behind the ears and a strap that goes in front of the ears for a well-fitting collar. The leather block on the bottom of the collar agitates the larynx when the horse is cribbing, but allows him to eat, graze and drink uninhibited. Buy Now.

Best Heavy Duty

Professional's Choice The Dare Cribbing Collar

For Aggressive Cribbers

Designed by professional horseman Rusty Dare, this collar is for the most aggressive cribbers.

What We Liked: 

This 1 ¾-inch wide single strap collar comes with a fleece liner and features a unique three-dimensional, patented throat piece. Available in black or brown, there is no front or back, and the collar can be fitted from either side of the horse. Get Yours Today.

Best Budget Friendly

Tough-1 Aluminum Hinge Cribbing Collar with Nylon Strap

Best Nylon Option

A durable solution for cribbing horses that’s easy on your wallet.

What We Liked: 

Double-sewn webbing and a steel buckle make for a tool that’s built to last. Adjustable, available in black and a cost-effective option to break your horse’s bad habit. Purchase Now.

Best Comfort

M-Royal Heavy Duty Leather Cribbing Collar Aluminum Hinged Strap

Leather and Aluminum Collar

This affordable leather option also allows for your horse’s comfort.

What We Liked:

A 1-inch leather strap and a hinged aluminum cribbing bar allow for your horse’s comfort while discouraging cribbing habits. Fully adjustable and can be fitted from either side of the horse. Available On Amazon.