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Best Driving Lines

Working your horse on the ground is an essential part of developing your communication skills. Whether you’re training him to pull a cart or finessing your cues, including driving lines in your groundwork routine will help develop your horse’s understanding of communication without someone in the saddle. Finding a pair of driving lines that fit your needs makes the process easier.

Most Affordable 

Intrepid International Web Horse Driving Lines

Great Driving Lines on a Budget. Useful driving lines for horse training on a budget.

What We Liked: 

Made of cotton and nylon, these driving lines will stretch your dollar further as they stand up well to daily wear and tear. These lines are long enough that you can walk safely behind your horse during sessions, while still being a useful tool in your training program. Buy them here. 

 Longest Lasting 

Beta Single Horse Driving Lines 5/8 inch Wide, 17 Feet Black

Suitable Driving Lines for Showing. Hit the show pen with these classic-looking driving lines.

What We Liked: 

Whether you need driving lines for your next event or simply for practice, these are a great option. Made from synthetic leather, all you have to do is wipe them down or put them in a bucket of water for easy cleaning. These strong, durable reins last longer than others and are suitable for multiple types of use. Get yours here. 

Most Comfortable

English Riding Supply Centaur Poly-Cotton Web 45ft Equestrian Natural Long Lines

Top-Notch Driving Lines for Training. Add comfort to your training program with these driving lines.

What We Liked: 

With a loop at the end of these lines, you won’t need to worry about the lines slipping through your hands. The loops make it easier to gain control while also maintaining your comfort. These driving lines are 45 feet long, giving you plenty of room to maneuver in a safe zone while training. Get yours now.