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Best Equestrian Spurs

Whether improving your horse’s responsiveness, fine-tuning your leg commands, or both, spurs can be a useful tool. Here, we’ve rounded up four different types of English spurs to help you achieve your riding goals.

Most Economic

Weatherbeeta Korsteel Never Rust POW Spurs

Never-Rust Spurs. Low-profile spurs that can withstand the elements and a budget.

What We Liked:

Ever left your spurs out in the elements? Not to worry with no-rust spurs from Korsteel. The ¾-inch neck serves as a moderate aid when cueing your horse, and the product is offered at an economic price point. Get yours here. 

Best English Rowel

Coronet Women's English Spurs with Brass Rowel

Roll the Pressure On. Apply gentle pressure to your horse’s side with this rolling, multi-pointed, dulled rowel.

What We Liked:

This brass multi-pointed rowel, attached to the end of a 35 mm neck, is small but effective. The two-toned tool features square spur strap bars to attach to your boot, sold separately. Buy them now.

Best Protection

Dover Saddlery Ladies' Rubber Coated Spur

Keep Your Boots Pristine. Rubber-coated spurs won’t scratch your boots and won’t slide around.

What We Liked:

Protect your boot investment with rubber-coated spurs. Additionally, you can count on these spurs, available with 15 mm or 20 mm knobs, to stay right where you need them. Find them here. 

Kids Spurs

Partrade Kid 15mm Zinc Spurs W/Round Head

Introductory Spur. A 15 mm round-headed spur makes for a great introductory spur for kids who are needing a little more from their horse and learning leg control along the way.

What We Liked: 

The zinc finish gives this spur a unique look and we appreciate that they ship with nylon spur straps to get things started. Kids can use these spurs to continue their transition into more refined riders with improved leg control. Available here.