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Best Equine Training Aids/Whips

Experienced equestrians and trainers know the benefit of a quality aid, whether it’s used from in the saddle or on the ground. Here are our top picks to assist with your training goals, whether your horse is just being started or is locking down your leg cues.

Best for Starting Horses

Southwestern Equine 48" Training Flag Horsemanship Flag Horse Lunging Training Stick Silver Shaft and Nylon Flag

Safety Flag. Stay safe when working with young colts or horses that are getting a late start.

What We Liked: 

The 48-inch training stick provides enough length to stay out of harm’s way and the golf club handle provides plenty of grip. The flag provides a focal point for the horse, but also acts as an extension of your hand, allowing you to desensitize your horses back, legs, etc., from a safe distance. It comes in multiple colors and at a competitive price point. Get yours here.

Best Groundwork Aid

Tough1 Clinician Stick Training Whip 

Great for Training On the Ground. Increase your horse’s awareness of your on-the-ground cues.

What We Liked: 

With a 66-inch lash and popper attached to a 48-inch fiberglass shaft, this lunge whip offers excellent versatility on the ground. Use the full whip to increase your horse’s response, or rely on the stick to emphasize your body language. Available in multiple colors and a competitive price point. Get yours now. 

Best Riding Aid

Fleck Dover Saddlery Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip- Size 110, Black 

The BMW of Dressage Whips. “Less is more” with this featherweight riding whip

What We Liked: 

German engineering is behind this ultralight and effective aid, featuring a carbon composite shaft, best used to support your horse’s understanding of your leg, hand and seat cues. Increase your communication through a comfortable raised honeycomb grip and minimal effort. Get yours here.