Best Hay Nets and Totes/Storage Bags

When shopping for hay nets and bags, you’ll need to consider size (how much hay it needs to hold) and purpose (is this for use in the barn, the field, or on the road? For feeding, transporting or storage?). Quality, durability, and safety are key, too. Check out our suggestions for standouts in each category.

Most Versatile

Tough 1 Nylon Hay Tote with Net Front

Two-in-One. Whether at home, on the road, or at an event, this hay tote-turned-net is sure to come in handy.

What We Liked: 

A product that can be used both to carry and hang hay for feeding always deserves a look—especially if you and your horses travel a lot. We found that this one is easy to use, holds a decent amount of hay, and can be hooked just about anywhere it’s needed. It’s also available in a range of popular colors to match just about any stable décor. Buy it here. 

Most Innovative

Derby Originals Go Around Hanging Slow Feed Horse Hay Bag 

Hay in the Round. An excellent alternative to metal hay feeders, this net can be used to feed multiple horses while promoting digestive health.

What We Liked:

It’s rare to see a hay net that can be used to feed a group of horses in the field (360 degrees for the win!), let alone one that is designed for slow feeding (great for horses who are prone to digestive issues, who bolt their feed, or who waste their hay). This net’s sturdy construction and fun colors are also noteworthy—as is the six-month warranty. Get yours now. 

Most Economical

Showman Heavy Cotton Hay Net Bag 

Just the Basics. When all you need is a no-frills hay net, this one gets the job done nicely.

What We Liked: 

Sometimes the basics are still the best. It’s hard to go wrong with this traditional hay net’s heavy cotton construction. And of course it can be tied in the stall, the trailer—you name it. We also like its generous 42" size; that’s a whole lot of net without breaking the bank. Available here. 

Best Tote

Yuar butee Hay Bale Storage Bag, Extra Large ]

Less Mess. A neat and efficient way to transport hay bales, this sturdy tote also provides safe, short-term hay storage.

What We Liked:

Though it has a lot of uses around the barn, we especially love taking this bag on the road! Besides being durable and easy to carry, it promotes airflow (goodbye, mildew) and there’s no wasted hay to sweep up after moving bales in your car, truck, or trailer. When you’re back home, simply fold it up and pop it onto a shelf—easy peasy. Buy it now.