Best Stiff Grooming Brushes

Brushes may come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same: Horses get dirty. Tackle the dirtiest messes with a hard-bristled brush that fits your hand and your budget.
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Best Over All

SOUND EQUINE The Easy Clean Body Brush

The Right Brush for Any Job

Half hard bristled, half soft, this two-in-one brush can handle any mess.

What We Liked: 

Use the hard bristles to loosen dirt and the soft ones to wipe them off your horse. Slide your hand in the attached loop to grip the 7-inch wooden brush. Cut down on clutter in your barn with a brush that can do it all, or keep it in your show bag for a perfect arena-side brush. Buy Now.

Most Efficient

Oster ECS Stiff Grooming Brush

Easy to Hold Brush

Unique design and rubber material accommodates grip of most hand sizes

What We Liked: 

This is a brush you can manage with comfort, thanks to its unique and tailored shape. The rubber control-touch handle adds to the comfort, and stiff, synthetic bristles make tough cleaning jobs a breeze. Get Yours Today.

Most Budget-Friendly

Tailwrap Large Body Beastie Horse Brush

Hard on Mud, Easy on Wallet

A large body brush with stiff bristles perfect for muddy horses

What We Liked: 

The 8 ¼-inch block is a sizable brush for tackling dirty areas. The brush features long, stiff bristles in various colors (though which color you receive is up to the sender). Purchase Now.

Most Stylish

Desert Equestrian Inc Legends Cowboy Brush Palmyra

Stylish yet still productive

Short, stiff palmyra bristles, a hardwood handle and a tooled leather strap make for an attractive and effective mud brush.

What We Liked: 

Quality, natural elements are employed to create an effective and good-looking body brush. Keep it in your barn, your show bag or both— or offer it as a prize. Available On Amazon.