Best Veterinary Wrap

Whether you’re seeking joint or tendon support, an added layer of protection over a dressing or a bandage for a sprained or injured limb, self-adherent veterinary wrap is a must-have for your barn. Look for different widths for different uses (tails, legs, wounds) and make sure the material is sturdy enough to prevent loss of elasticity without being too thick, which can cause binding. (Also, if your horse has skin allergies, try a product that is latex-free.)

Most Hypoallergenic

 AUPCON Vet Wrap Self Adherent Wrap 

Skin-Sensitive Support.These versatile wraps are easy on the hair and handy to stash wherever they might be needed.

What We Liked: 

If your horse has skin sensitivities or allergies, these wraps are worth considering, since they are plain white and contain no latex. Nor will the material adhere to things it shouldn’t—like hair! We also appreciate the lack of sticky residue when working around open wounds. This set of individually packaged wraps comes in a versatile 3” width at a decent price and with a no-questions-asked guarantee. Buy it here. 

Best Basic Wrap

WePet Vet Wrap 

Strong and Conforming. This standard, 4” veterinary wrap is lightweight and durable with the right amount of ‘stick.’

What We Liked:

 For a no-nonsense, self-adherent wrap made from porous natural latex, this one hits all the marks: It’s lightweight, breathable, is easily shaped around tricky joints and strong enough to hold a poultice well. The adherence factor is good, with pain-free pull-offs. The 4” width is especially handy for tails, and the 100 percent satisfaction policy is another plus. Get yours here. 

Most Fun

Prairie Horse Supply Vet Wrap Tape

Colorful and Cost-Effective.These basic wraps are flexible, have good grip and come in exciting colors and patterns.

What We Liked: 

What’s not to love? These 6-roll sets of veterinary wrap are available in a range of widths (not to mention assorted colors and patterns), making them a natural for Pony Club camps or riding schools. Each roll is individually wrapped, the material is comfortable, the price point is noteworthy and the manufacturer guarantees customer satisfaction. Buy it here. 

Best Value

WildCow Vet Wrap Tape Bulk 

Bulk Buy. Sold here in 12-roll sets, these 4” wraps are sturdy yet light, easily torn to size and won’t cling to hair.

What We Liked: 

The strong yet lightweight latex-based fabric is remarkably soft and water-resistant. It clings well to itself and releases easily from hair and skin. The price is right, too, for larger facilities with multiple horses. But our favorite feature? The fact that this material can be torn to fit using just our hands. No more searching through the barn for lost bandage scissors! Get yours here.