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Digestive Aids

Horses who are confined to stalls, being shipped, or used for competition often need gastrointestinal support during these stressful times. So, too, do nervous horses or those who can’t maintain good body condition on quality feed. Failure to get them the help they need can lead to poor outcomes, some of them deadly. Before you plunk down your money for a digestive supplement, think about why you need it: Is there a specific event for which it’s required, or is it daily maintenance you’re after? Does your horse have any specific gut or condition issues to consider? Check out our choices.

Most Targeted

 Bluegrass Equine Products EquiOtic

Microbials that Matter

Card Blurb Body: A supplement with equine-specific bacteria, this is good for thwarting pathogens while maintaining normal gut flora.

What We Liked: 

When a well-respected company such as Dover Saddlery creates a digestive supplement, chances are it’s in direct response to customer input and challenges staff members have experienced with their own horses. We feel more confident about a product containing a source of live equine cultured bacteria (Equine Lactobacillus reuteri) because it offers primo protection against nasties like salmonella, rotavirus, and clostridium. Buy it here. 

Best for Picky Eaters

Farnam DigestAid Synbiotic

Tasty Treat

This palatable supplement is available in two handy forms, including a concentrated powder.

What We Liked: 

It’s always nice to have a good, balanced probiotic/prebiotic product that’s available in both a paste (for an immediate boost at stressful times, like prior to shipping) or a powder (for daily maintenance in the feed). The powder smells delicious, and we’re convinced that it must be, because even the pickiest eaters generally clean it up. Gets your here

Free of Sugars

Manna Pro Opti-Zyme Microbial Digestive Supplement 

Enzyme Action

When it comes to stopping “the squirts,” this supplement delivers.

What We Liked: 

This GI aid was formulated by veterinarians—a plus in our book—and contains an impressive range of enzymes without any questionable added sugars. Better still, it helps us maintain a horse’s condition on less feed without the dreaded diarrhea. If your horse’s stool needs firming up, give this a try. Get it here. 

Good for Hard Keepers

Forco Digestive Fortifier

Restores the Bloom

This prebiotic was formulated with pure fermentation products and is effective through the entire alimentary system.

What We Liked: 

A horse who’s lost his appetite or who has difficulty maintaining weight is a good candidate for this pelleted supplement, which is notably free of live microbial and live-cell yeast cultures (as well as fillers and carriers). Note: This is not a vitamin/mineral supplement, but it’s still great for the animal who’s lacking bloom and is not getting enough from his daily ration. Layups who have lost some luster might also benefit. Get some today.