Top Curry Combs for Horses

The sharp teeth on currycombs are designed to get deep into the horse’s coat, pulling dander and loose hair to the surface. Not only does the currycomb remove dirt and shedding hair, it stimulates production of the natural oils in the horse’s skin, which provide a glossy shine. For best results, curry before and after every ride.
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Best Over All

Decker Shedder Scraper 22-SS

Currycomb and Sweat Scraper Combination

Top-notch tool for scraping sweat and currying your horse.

What We Liked: 

This 24-inch currycomb can be used in a loop by squeezing the handles together or use it open to cover more surface area. One side of this currycomb has regular teeth for removing dirt and hair while the other side is smooth for removing water or sweat. Buy Now. 

Best for Mud Removal

Tough 1 Great Grips 3 Blade Curry

Easy-to-Hold Curry for Mud Removal

Easily remove caked-on mud from your horse.

What We Liked: 

This currycomb has three shedding blades that allow you to curry your horse faster and more efficiently. Not only does this currycomb have a soft handle, it is also available in a variety of color options. Get Yours Today.

Best Comfort

Weaver Leather Fine Curry Comb

Great for Long Grooming Sessions

Easy to hold in your palm for hours of grooming.

What We Liked: 

The palm-held design with a handle allows you to comfortably hold the curry multiple ways: in your palm sideways, in your palm with the handle between your fingers, or just by the handle. The small, rubber bristles offer a different feel than metal currycombs. These bristles work up loose hair, dirt, and dander from your horse’s skin. Purchase Now.

Best Budget-Friendly

Roma Glitter Curry Comb

Affordable, Classic Design

The classic currycomb everyone should have.

What We Liked: 

This small currycomb fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to hold with a wide strap. Its small size also makes this currycomb great for children learning how to properly groom horses. Made from durable material, this affordable currycomb will last for years before you’ll need to replace it. Available On Amazon.