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Top Hoof Hardeners

If your horse has soft, brittle or weak hooves, or if his soles bruise easily or are tender after pulling shoes, a good hoof hardener can be a lifesaver. Some products can even ease hoof discomfort, promote hoof growth, help treat hoof infections and extend the time between farrier visits. Read on for our choices.

Most Breathable

Keratex KHH 250 Hoof Hardener

Patented and Powerful

This hoof hardener also helps maintain moisture in the hoof while addressing structural issues.

What We Liked: 

Any hoof hardener worth its salt should strengthen weak, crumbly and cracked hooves. But this product actually improves the structure of the horn, which we like a lot. Another plus: Unlike a varnish or resin, it’s breathable and doesn’t leave an unsightly coating. Be sure to hit those nail holes when applying! Buy Now.

Best Cream 

Hoof Hardener Cream, Gold Label, Hoof Care, Horse Care

Hard Working

A hardening product in a cream form, this is a good choice for soft or infected hooves and frogs.

What We Liked: 

We’ve found that hooves, soles and frogs that tend to bruise easily benefit the most from this easy-to-apply hardening cream. It’s a great way to help clean up minor infections, too. And the fun violet color reminds you that it’s in place and working! Get Yours Today.

Most Soothing

Bickmore American Venice Turpentine

Classic Hoof Hardener

This proven product also boasts disinfectant and antibacterial properties.

What We Liked: 

Don’t let the word “turpentine” throw you! When discomfort is an issue, whether from split hooves or bruised soles, this traditional remedy goes to work fast and even promotes new hoof growth (a relief in itself). We like it as a dressing, but it can also be used as a pack. To toughen up tender soles, we recommend painting them before they’re truly ouchy. Purchase Now.

Most Show-friendly

Farrier Formula Tough Stuff

Clearly Helpful

If you’re headed to a competition, this hoof hardener can also add a touch of polish.

What We Liked: 

For horses that lose shoes more often than usual, especially during fly-stomping season, this product gets our thumbs-up. We apply it liberally over the hooves and nails after shoeing and to the rims of bare hooves with thin walls to help prevent crumbling. A special benefit: Its clear coating is perfect for the show ring. Available On Amazon.