Top Horse Crops

Riding crops can be a beneficial training tool in the practice arena and can provide incentive in the show ring. Selecting the riding crop for your style of riding and for your horse’s needs will help make schooling easier.
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Best Overall

Weaver Leather Riding Crop with PVC Handle

Great Crop for Multiple Disciplines

Use for multiple events or disciplines.

What We Liked: 

This crop is suitable for both English and Western riding. With a standard 24-inch handle, this crop is great for any level of rider. The flexible wrist strap makes this crop perfect for practice schooling or for the barrel arena. Available in a variety of colors, you can select the color to match your riding outfit. Grab yours here.


 Intrepid International Horse Riding Whip with Loop, 36 Inch, Black

 Top-Notch Crop for Added Reach

Card Blurb Body: School precisely with this long crop.

What We Liked: 

This durable 36-inch fiberglass crop with a nylon braid is suitable for experienced equestrians needing additional reach for schooling. Fine-tune your cues in the right places while also keeping your body in the proper riding position. With a cord looped at the end instead of a flapper, you can accurately and quietly school your horse. Available here. 

Best for Kids

Tough 1 24" Sparkle Riding Crop

Cute Crop for Lesson Kids

 Fun-colored crop great for teaching kids how to ride.

What We Liked: 

The bright colors on this crop make it easy to find after a long day at the barn with your young rider. At just 24 inches, this crop is the perfect size for teaching students how to properly use and train with a crop. With a molded handle and looped wrist strap, kids can keep hold of the crop without it slipping out of their hands. Available here.

Most Comfortable Handle 

Exselle Gel Handle Riding Crop 25in

Comfortable Crop for All-Day Schooling

Keep your hands comfortable while riding all day.

What We Liked: 

This crop is suitable for all levels of riders. The gel handle forms to your hand over time and ensures your hand remains comfortable when riding a horse for a long period of time or while schooling multiple horses in a day. Available in select pastel colors means that no matter where you are, your crop will stand out. Buy it here.