Our Latest Obsession: Gypsy Horses


On this week’s episode, Nichole sits down to talk with Caiti Hladky and Chad Vallad, owners of Calvary Cobs based in Northern Colorado. Caiti and her horse West Rivers Jezebel were on the cover of the 2022 Winter Issue of Horse&Rider, and in that issue we also had a feature called “What’s With the Gypsy Vanners?” Where we spoke with different riders on why they choose Gypsy horses for Western riding.

Caiti Hladky of Calvary Cobs shares her reasons for choosing Gypsy Vanners for Western riding.
In this week’s episode of The Ride Nichole chats with Caiti Hladky and Chad Vallad on why they choose Gypsy Vanners for Western riding.

This breed is still fairly new to the United States. Originally from the United Kingdom, they started to make their way to the States roughly 25 years ago. Since then, they continue to grow in popularity.

Caiti and Chad talk about their journey into the Gypsy horse world and why their temperament and size make them great ranch horse mounts. Plus they talk about their experiences raising them and why they created their farm Calvary Cobs to help share their love of Gypsy horses with the rest of the country.

To learn more about this breed, listen to this week’s episode brought to you by Manna Pro below.

We’re changing the way we do things around here. As you listen to this week’s episode, you’ll notice better sound quality, and a change in our interview format as Nichole Chirico takes on sole hosting duties going forwardWe hope these changes make for a better listening experience.

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