Saddling a Horse with Cody Crow

On this episode of Winning Insights, Horse&Rider OnDemand expert Cody Crow talks about introducing his 2-year-old horse to the saddle and saddle pad. In this session, he walks us through each step of the process and even gives some great tips for you to use at home. If you want to watch the video that goes along with this audio training session, subscribe to Horse&Rider OnDemand today!

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About Cody Crow


Cody Crow is a world champion rider based in Johnstown, Colorado. He owns and operates No Where But Up Performance Horses. He trains open horses for versatility ranch horse, ranch riding, and cow horse competitions. Cody also enjoys helping his non pro riders achieve their goals in the show pen.

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Horse&Rider OnDemand is your trusted source for Western horse-training videos and horsekeeping advice from the industry’s top professionals. Access hundreds of videos on ranch riding, reining, natural horsemanship, cutting, working cow horse, ranch horse versatility, all-around events, and more. 


Develop a true partnership with your horse by gaining a better understanding of how horses think and respond through horsemanship training videos with Brad Barkemeyer, Bud Lyon, Monique Potts, Ken McNabb, Al Dunning.

Ranch Riding

Ranch riding events were originally created to help showcase the versatility, attitude, and movement of a working ranch horse. Now it has become one of the largest events offered by breed association horse shows. We see many horses that compete in events like reining or working cow horse transition over to ranch riding. We work with ranch riding world champion riders Bud Lyon and Cody Crow. They help you perfect your ranch riding horsemanship and improve your performance in the arena.


Master reining maneuvers with help from professionals like Bud Lyon, Peter DeFreitas, Keith Ceddia, and Ryan Rushing. These videos are designed to help improve your horse’s circle, spins, and sliding stops. They demonstrate the fundamentals of reining, the tack and gear you’ll need to compete in reining, and help you troubleshoot any problems you run into at home.

Working Cow Horse

Improve your working cow horse training through better horsemanship with videos from Brad Barkemeyer, Cody Crow, and Al Dunning. Learn how to work the flag, introduce your horse to cattle, drills for fence work, and more.

Ranch Versatility

The ranch horse versatility is an event that allows you to showcase your horse’s ability to compete in several different events. In this video series, world champion trainer Cody Crow explains the differences between ranch riding, ranch trail, cutting, fence work, and conformation events, and how ranch horse versatility competitions work. He then shows you how to master ranch trail obstacles, prepare your horse for ranch riding events, and shows you some of the drills he does at home to keep his horse ready for cattle events.

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