Winning Insights: Warwick Schiller Part 1

Tune in for a quick training tip from Warwick Schiller!

This episode of the Winning Insights, a bonus series of The Ride podcast, is brought to you by Warwick Schiller Attuned Horsemanship.

In the first episode of this 4 part series, Warwick gives a training tip on how to only ask your horse ‘yes’ questions. To learn even more from Warwick, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a subscription to Warwick Schiller Attuned Horsemanship!


Contest Details:

  • THREE lucky winners!
  • Grand Prize: Yearly Subscription to Warwick’s Online Video Library
  • 2nd Place: Online Lesson With Warwick & 3 Free Months of Subscription
  • 3rd Place: One Month Free Subscription & T-Shirt


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