Barrel Racing

Jordon Briggs riding her barrel horse

Working the 3-Year-Old Blazin Jet Olena with Jordon Briggs

Watch Jordon Briggs work the 3-year-old Blazin Jet Olena on the barrel pattern
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Dam Spotlight: Nicky Brick House

This record breaking mare is leaving her mark on the barrel racing industry with her impressive record and successful offspring.
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Barrel Racing Rollback Drill

Practice this barrel racing rollback drill to keep your horse snappy around the barrels
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Third Barrel Approach

Molly Powell demonstrates the best approaches to the third barrel.
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First Barrel Approach

In this video, Molly Powell breaks down the first barrel approach and explains how it sets up the rest of your run.
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Barrel Racing Magazine

The Team at Equine Network Proudly Launches Barrel Racing Magazine

Barrel Racing Magazine shares transformative barrel racing content from the industry’s leading horsemen and horsewomen to help riders of all skill levels achieve their goals in this explosive sport.
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The Equine Network Proudly Launches Instructional On-Demand Video Resource Customized for Barrel Racers

The on-demand video platform brings together the barrel racing industry’s leading horsemen and horsewomen to positively impact riders of all skill levels.
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Keeping a Finished Horse Conditioned

Build a workout program for your finished horse that will keep him in top condition.
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Sire Spotlight: Frenchmans Guy

Losing his right eye as a yearling didn't stop this incredible palomino stallion from becoming a household name in the world of barrel racing and other Western disciplines.
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Overcoming Losing Streaks

Molly Powell explains how to overcome a losing streak and the importance of getting on a good horse to do so.
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Dash Ta Fame

This all-time leading barrel horse sire actually found his claim to fame on the racetrack.
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Shoeing for Success

Molly explains how a good farrier plays a key role in the success of barrel racing horses.
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Rodeo Horse vs. Jackpot Horse

Molly Powell breaks down the difference in rodeo horses and barrel racing horses.
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Barrel Racing Bits: Curb Straps

Molly Powell breaks down curb straps and their function.
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Barrel Racing Bits: Selecting for a Specific Issue

Listen in as Molly Powell breaks down her bit line and how each one can be paired with a specific type of horse.
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