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Versatility Ranch Horse Events

Versatility ranch horse is an event that’s growing in popularity every year. However, if you’ve never competed, it might seem overwhelming. Here I’m going to break down all six classes and what your horse is expected to do.
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sidepull starting 2 year olds

Using a Sidepull Bridle

Learn why ranch riding expert Cody Crow thinks it's important to use a sidepull bridle when starting 2-year-olds.
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colt starting round pen

Round Pen Exercises for Colt Starting

Learn how you can use the round pen to gain your horse's attention with help from ranch riding expert Cody Crow.
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Drills to Teach Flying Lead Changes

Cody Crow shows you a drill you can use to introduce your horse to beginning stages of the flying lead change.
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The Basics of the Ranch Trail Sidepass

Cody Crow demonstrates the basics of how to ride a ranch trail sidepass.
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Schooling a Finished Horse on the Flag

Cody Crow has a non-pro rider demonstrate schooling a finished horse on the flag.
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Introducing Non-Pro to Versatility Ranch Horse Cow Work

Cody Crow works with one of his non-pro riders and goes over how he introduces a non-pro to versatility ranch horse cow work.
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Introducing Your Versatility Ranch Horse to Cow Work

Learn how to introduce your horse to the basics of cow work in versatility ranch horse events with Cody Crow.
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Showing to Your Horse's Strengths

Showing to Your Horse's Strengths
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cody crow dragging log
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Reversing on the Rail

Learn how to properly reverse your horse in a ranch rail class.
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Rail Work Lope to Walk Transition

Cody Crow shows you what your horse's lope should look and feel like in the ranch rail portion of a ranch versatility event.
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Rail Work Extended Trot to Jog Transition

Master the extended trot to jog transition with help from Cody Crow.
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On the 12th Day of Christmas...

Cody Crow showed me the fundamentals of the versatility ranch horse riding.
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