Equine Gestalt


Horses Heal Relationships

If you have a relationship with someone that is struggling, your horse may be able to help.
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Mental Health

Horses Use Their Intuition. Learn to Use Yours.

Horses operate on intuition, and we have the capability to do the same.
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Winning Insights: Part 3 How Horses Help Us Heal

Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse shares her insights on how horses can help humans heal in the second part of her Winning Insights series.
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Unlocking Your Personal Growth at the Barn

Spend time at the barn nurturing and developing your personal growth using the Gestalt method.
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Can My Horse Really Help My Mental Health?

Horses are healers and can help our mental health, but it’s up to us to be mindful to allow them to help us.
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Horses Notice What We Avoid

If you’re avoiding the truth, your horse knows it.
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An Equine Gestaltist's client standing with the horse partner.

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