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Trivia Challenge: Tack Savvy/Headgear

Answer the eight Trivia questions below, then check for the correct answers at bottom. For more about tack and equipment, read Horse&Rider’s July e-newsletter. (Not getting our terrific newsletter? See sign-up information below.)
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I’m Not Alone! (How My Horse Life Compares to Others’)

Do you ever wonder how your own horse-life choices, decisions, and preferences compare to others’? The H&R Gallop Poll is a way to find out.
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Gallop Poll: How Many Bits Do You Own?

With this survey, we're askin how many bits you own. Please take our poll, then check results later in the magazine or at the H&R Gallop Poll Results Page.
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Bits That Go Ouch

Gain insight into three common problem bits with the potential to pinch, poke, or otherwise make your horse wince. Plus learn how your bit works on your horse’s mouth for a happier ride.
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Bit Up!

Choose the right bit for optimal on-trail communication and control with this expert guide.
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Is It the Bit?

If a horse is sticking out his tongue only when bridled, it’s most likely because the bit is bothering his mouth, explains top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight
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