Horse Collection

Brad Barkemeyer stands with his bay cutting and ranch horse at a clinic.

Backing a Circle to Find Collection

It's time to try the third part of Brad Barkemeyer's drill to find collection.
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Finding Collection with Circles

Brad Barkemeyer shows us a drill to help your horse gain collection by riding in circles.
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How to Use Your Legs for Collection

Learn how to use your legs when you’re asking your horse to collect and why it’s an important part of horse training regardless of what kind of riding you do.
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Understanding and Learning Rate

Your horse must understand how to collect up and rate to effectively turn the barrels.
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My Collection: Honoring Expensive Hobby

“Quarter Horse Expensive Hobby was one of the very special horses in my life,” Al Dunning recalls. “It’s cool to have a collection of things that honor his legacy.”
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My Collection: Breyer Horses

The world of Breyer Horses has evolved since Barron started collecting the model horses as young rider. But the magic remains.
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