Horse Health Tips


A Sticky Subject: Burrs in Manes

Burrs in your horse’s mane are more than a grooming challenge; they can cause skin damage.
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Enterolith: A Common Colic Culprit

You may not realize it, but a pebble or even a bit of baling twine can sow the seeds for colic. Read on to learn whether your horse’s habits, diet, and even location can increase his risks of this common colic culprit—enterolith.
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Let's Talk Kinesiology Tape

Learn about kinesiology tape and why it’s becoming a popular alternative therapy for your equine partner.
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Cure That Tail Rubbing

Learn about potential underlying causes that may be the source of your horse's tail rubbing.
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Horse Health by the Season

Winter, spring, summer, or fall…all you’ve got to do is remember what your horse needs to stay healthy. Our seasonal guide will help you.
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Euthanasia: When It's Time to Say Goodbye promo image

Euthanasia: When It's Time to Say Goodbye

The decision to end your horse's life with euthanasia is one of the hardest you'll ever make. Let us help you through this troubling time.
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