E12: The Ride - Aging Horsewomen Intl.

We're back with another interview for this episode of The Ride! If you love chatting with fellow horse lovers, then this episode is for you. Gain knowledge, feel like part of a community, and do BIG things with our guests on The Ride.
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4 Things to Know About Aging Horsewomen Intl.

Aging Horsewomen Intl. is a Facebook group with over 50,000 women who united over a shared passion for horses and for well, just being women.
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The Ride Podcast

The Ride takes you on a deep dive into stories of horsemen and women who have inspired us for generations. Listen to The Ride trailer now and check back September 3rd for a full-length episode!
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Women Professionals: Dirt Arenas, Not Glass Ceilings

Women are showing they belong at the top of the professional ranks in the Western performance horse industry, even if they’re a minority.
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