Sliding Stop at the Lope

Introduction to Sliding Stops: Lope

Brad Barkemeyer shows you how he teaches a horse the sliding stop from the lope.
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Getting the Cutting Crouch

Learn more about how to develop the cutting crouch in your young horse.
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The Deal with Dental

Enhance your horse’s health with regular dental care. Here, we tell you how to spot equine dental problems and how to find an qualified equine veterinary dentist.
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10 Cost-Cutting Tips

Here are penny-saving tips for maintaining your horse without breaking the bank
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South Carolina Beach Ride

Seabrook Island, South Carolina, offers miles of superb beach riding. The equestrian center features a 42-stall barn and spacious pastures.
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Blazing a New Trail

The Trail Rider is coming to the end of one trail, but blazing a new one, as it merges with its sister publication, Horse&Rider.
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5 Steps to Prevent Trailer Theft

Don't leave your rig at a trailhead without taking these proven trailer-theft-prevention steps from our panel of experts and on-the-go trail riders.
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Great Basin Getaway

For a true getaway, ride and camp in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park, a vast region that offers solitude, stargazing, and endless wilderness trail riding.
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Oskar the Invisible Horse

Over the decades, my riding Sensei, Karin, has accumulated a large repertoire of instructional techniques. Things like tucking a $10 bill (not hers) between rider and saddle to encourage a proper seat.
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Avoid 7 Desert Dangers

Winter is a great time to hit desert trails — but be cautious. Here, Arizona journalist Jule Drown gives you the rundown on seven dangers lurking on desert trails: trailering challenges; cactus spines; heat stroke; dehydration; venomous snakes; scorpions;
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Arizona Ranch Getaway promo image

Arizona Ranch Getaway

Saddle up at the historic Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, one of the country’s top guestranch resorts, for luxury accommodations and abundant trail-riding opportunities.
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Australian Adventure promo image

Australian Adventure

Plan your adventure to the Land Down Under with our fromthe- saddle report from south Brisbane and the beaches of Moreton Bay on the Sunshine Coast.
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