Judging Horses


How to Take a Good Conformation Clinic Photo

Keep these do's and don'ts in mind when photographing your horse for Horse & Rider's Conformation Clinic, and up your chances at seeing him in the pages of the magazine!
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E71: The Ride- Kathryn Kope

Tune in to this episode to hear from nationally carded judge Kathryn Kope on her experiences judging horses around the world.
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Bud Lyon trots a chestnut ranch riding horse in Florida.

Winning Insights: Bud Lyon on How the Ranch Riding is Judged

Multiple world champion and Horse&Rider OnDemand expert Bud Lyon talks about how the ranch riding class is judged.
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Decoding Horse Conformation

Get the ins and outs of conformation from a horse-judging expert, so you can learn to ‘see’ a horse like a pro and master judging jargon once and for all.
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