E71: The Ride- Kathryn Kope

Tune in to this episode to hear from nationally carded judge Kathryn Kope on her experiences judging horses around the world.

Kathryn Kope is a nationally carded judge with many breeds and associations and an AQHA and APHA Professional Horseman. In addition to judging prestigious events across the United States, she is also known for judging and giving clinics across Europe. In this episode, Kathryn stopped by to chat with Nichole and Jillian about her experiences judging around the world. The three also discuss how the horse industry has changed and what riders can do to change with it. She gives advice to riders and trainers of all levels who are looking to take their riding and competition level up a notch. If you want to learn about the Western horse industry around the world, this episode is a must-listen!

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About Kathryn Kope

Courtesy of Kathryn Kope

Kathryn is a nationally carded AQHA, APHA, PtHA, NSBA, ApHC, ApHCC, ABRA, IBHA, and POA judge and an AQHA and APHA Professional Horseman. From Cocoa Beach, Florida, she is an experienced international and world show judge. As a former trainer, she has decades of experience in the horse industry and now shares her knowledge through clinics and judging.

More from Kathryn: 3 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Horsemanship Score

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