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Starting Kids in Barrel Racing

Molly Powell offers advice for getting children involved in barrel racing.
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Distance Drill Around the Barrel

This drill can be used for kids and individuals who need help to keep the same distance all the way around the barrel.
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Barrel Racing Rollback Drill

Practice this barrel racing rollback drill to keep your horse snappy around the barrels
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Third Barrel Approach

Molly Powell demonstrates the best approaches to the third barrel.
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Second Barrel Approach

Determine how to approach the second barrel based on the style of horse you ride.
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First Barrel Approach

In this video, Molly Powell breaks down the first barrel approach and explains how it sets up the rest of your run.
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Ground Conditions for Exercise

Ground conditions are important for exercising and preparing your horse for the ground conditions he's expected to perform in.
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Keeping a Finished Horse Conditioned

Build a workout program for your finished horse that will keep him in top condition.
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Overcoming Losing Streaks

Molly Powell explains how to overcome a losing streak and the importance of getting on a good horse to do so.
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Shoeing for Success

Molly explains how a good farrier plays a key role in the success of barrel racing horses.
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Communicating with Your Vet

A good relationship with your veterinarian will keep your horse at the top of his game in the arena.
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Training Issue vs. Soundness Issue

Learn how to tell the difference between an unsound horse and an unbroke horse.
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Stress and Pain Management

How often are you having your horse examined vet a lameness vet?
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Stomach Ulcers

Molly Powell explains what stomach ulcers are and the easiest ways to prevent them.
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Rodeo Horse vs. Jackpot Horse

Molly Powell breaks down the difference in rodeo horses and barrel racing horses.
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