Reining Spin


Starting and Stopping the Spin

Reining horse trainer Ryan Rushing works with a horse that needs help starting and stopping his spins before his next horse show.
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Working With a New Horse: Evaluating the Spin

Now that you’ve tested your new horse for ranch riding, you can evaluate your new horse as a reining candidate.
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Fixing the Overturn

Does your horse like to ignore your stopping cue when you’re turning him around? Bud Lyon has a fix.
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Reining Spin • Reading Cattle

What’s the difference between a reining spin and a ranch riding turn? Learn all you need to know about reading cattle.
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Stop Your Spin Accurately

A well-executed shutdown is just as important as the spin itself. Learn how to nail your stop and stay out of the penalty box when it matters.
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Have a Snappy Ranch Riding Spin

Stay out of the penalty box and learn what judges look for in a ranch riding spin.
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No More Cheating

Is your horse starting to cut corners on his maneuvers? Nip this behavior in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem.
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