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#RideWithAl: Ranch Riding Pattern Evaluation 3

Al Dunning evaluates a ranch riding pattern.
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Introduction to Working Equitation

Working equitation is a hot new sport in the U.S. Find out how working equitation can improve your horse and make you a better rider.
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Mounted Shooting Rein Management

Mounted shooting rein management skills are required so you can cue correctly and get the proper response from your horse. Targets come fast, even at the beginner level, and gun handling requires quick thinking. This makes mastering rein management at home a key to competitive success. I’ll cover my best tips here.
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Ace Speed Transitions

Don’t let an increase or decrease in speed at the lope put you in the penalty box. Learn how to prepare your horse for speed transitions at home so you can show mastery of them when it counts.
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Secrets to Stop the Spin

A precise end to a set of spins keeps you out of the penalty box and prevents your horse from developing bad habits.
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Saddle Up for a Cyber Coach

Is your dream trainer out of trailering distance? Consider a video coach for personalized, expert instruction to achieve your riding goals.
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Destination Addiction

There’s a common misconception among horses and humans that what we want lies somewhere else. It’s why horses graze on the other side of a fence when the grass is just as green and lush on their side. And why humans long for something—tangible or not—that we don’t have.
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Master Log (& Other) Obstacles

Use this approach-and-retreat method to train at home or to get your horse over an obstacle on the trail.
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Riding With a Hackamore

The hackamore plays a pivotal role in traditional training for reined cow horses, following the snaffle bit. But no matter your discipline you can incorporate a hackamore into your training program.
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Fallon Taylor’s Best Advice for Any Rider

Ready to take your riding to the next level? Fallon Taylor shares her best advice for riders of all disciplines trying to reach their riding goals.
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Get Moving

This exercise challenges and promotes your in-saddle balance so you can begin to develop a truly independent seat.
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Get Out of the Way

Not reaching your riding goals? The key might lie in letting your horse do his job.
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The ‘Beehive’

Looking for a new event for the entire family? Consider mounted shooting. With its fast pace and levels of competition, it’s an event you can enjoy together.
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Get Through the Line

Executing four consistent lead changes in a row is challenging. Here I’ll offer advice on how to improve your changes down the line and score when it comes time to show.
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Step Control

Do you have complete control over where every foot lands when riding your horse?
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