Rocky Mountain Region

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Vista Verde Ranch

This fall, enjoy golden colors and snowcapped views at Vista Verde Ranch near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
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Explore the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Montana's Pristine Bob Marshall Wilderness offers windswept ridges, deep canyons, towering cliffs, dense forests, thundering rivers, and lush meadows.
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Trail Riding in Idaho's Palisades Country

Palisades Country, located in southeastern Idaho, offers one of the finest horseback destination areas a trail rider could hope for.
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Trail Riding in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Riding in Rocky Mountain National Park was fantastic. I'd selected a place called Winding River Resort for my base. Winding River is literally on the Colorado River, near its beginning on the Continental Divide. The facilities are some of the best I've ev
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Colorado's Comanche Peak Wilderness

The Comanche Peak Wilderness Area is one of four wilderness areas located in the Roosevelt National Forest north and west of Denver, Colorado. Vicki, a longtime friend, works as a Poudre Wilderness Volunteer during the summer riding the trails of those Ro
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Ride of the Aspens

which takes place from the third Saturday in September through Thursday of the following week. Openings for nonmembers, called Mavericks, occur when members don't fill out the ride. These rides take place in the Colorado mountains.
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