Ryan Rushing

Ryan Rushing rundown

Schooling the Rundown

Learn how your horse could benefit from schooling the rundown.
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guide and control lope

Testing Guide and Body Control at the Lope

Learn how Horse&Rider OnDemand expert Ryan Rushing teaches his horses to have guide and control at the lope.
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Mentally happy horse

Winning Insights: Ryan Rushing on Keeping Your Horse Mentally Happy

Learn how to keep your horse mentally happy and healthy with these tips from Horse&Rider OnDemand trainer Ryan Rushing.
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Starting and Stopping the Spin

Reining horse trainer Ryan Rushing works with a horse that needs help starting and stopping his spins before his next horse show.
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Rest, Recover, Ride

After an intense horse show, it’s important to give your horse some downtime before preparing for your next event. Ryan Rushing shares his tips for keeping his horse happy and healthy in between shows.
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Drill Your Rollback

If you find yourself struggling to stay out of the penalty box when it comes time to perform a rollback, try going back to the basics at home and working the pieces individually before attempting to do them all at once.
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Basics of the Rollback

Learn how to school the rollback with your horse with help from Ryan Rushing.
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Avoid Burnout

Ryan Rushing offers advice on how to keep your horse from getting burned out or bored doing a certain event.
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Horse Show Warm-Up

Ryan Rushing goes over what his horse show warm-up looks like.
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Basics of the Rundown: Softening the Stop

Here's how you can soften your sliding stop by practicing your rundowns.
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Basics of the Rundown: Staying Round and Relaxed

Ryan Rushing explains why it's important to have your horse rounded and relaxed when you're asking for a rundown.
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Basics of the Rundown: Staying Straight

Ryan Rushing goes over the basics of the rundown and the importance of staying straight before you ask for a stop.
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On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

Ryan Rushing taught me to practice my reining pattern at home.
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Body Position for Reining Circles

Ryan Rushing covers body position in reining circles and explains why he rides his horses that way.
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