Gallop Poll: Saddle Pad Preference

Poll time! What saddle pad material do you prefer? How often do you give it a good wash? We want your input!
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5 Star Equine

Is it Time to Clean Your Saddle Pad?

If your saddle pad is becoming hard and stiff from hair and sweat, it's time to give it a thorough cleaning.
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Saddle Placement

Ryan Rushing shows you how he likes his saddles to fit when he's saddling.
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Evaluate Your Saddle

Trivia Challenge: Do You Know the Parts of a Saddle?

Do you know the parts of a saddle and how it can affect your horse? Quiz yourself and learn why each answer is correct from owner of CSI Saddle Pads, Donna Saddoris.
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Saddle Pad Science

With countless brands of saddle pads on the market, how do you know which pad is the right option for your horse? Dr. Marianne Marshall-Gibson, DVM, MS, cVMA, CAC explains what she looks for when selecting a saddle pad.
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4 Steps to Cleaning Your CSI Saddle Pad

Owner and founder Donna Saddoris walks you through the four steps for cleaning your pad to extend its life.
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Selecting The Right Liner for Your Horse

CSI Saddle Pads offers three different types of liners to customize your saddle fit.
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What You Didn’t Know About CSI Saddle Pads

With over 17 years in business, CSI Saddle Pads offers innovative technologies to outlast other brands to keep your horse comfortable.
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Fitting Your Treeless Saddle with A CSI Saddle Pad

Owner and Founder Donna Saddoris shares how to place your treeless saddle on a CSI Saddle Pad to ensure your horse doesn’t get sore.
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3 Things To Look For with Saddle Fit

Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Rhonda Martin helps you select a saddle tree once you have evaluated your horse’s topline.
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Evaluate Your Saddle

Evaluate: Does Your Saddle Really Fit

Owner and Founder Donna Saddoris explains what you need to do when selecting a saddle for your horse. Use these simple tips to evaluate your saddle.
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#AskAnnie - Episode 3: CSI Saddlepads

The AskAnnie Podcast reviews two types of CSI Saddlepads in Episode 3.
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