Sidepassing a Young Horse Over a Log

Teach your young horse to sidepass over a log with these tips from Bud Lyon.
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Troubleshooting the Sidepass

Sidepass Troubleshooting with Bud Lyon

Learn how to troubleshoot your sidepass with help from Bud Lyon.
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Introduction to the Sidepass

Teach your horse how to sidepass over a log for the ranch trail.
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Teach Your Reiner To Sidepass

If you're transitioning from reining to ranch riding, you'll need to teach your reiner to sidepass. Here's how.
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Sidepassing Drill

Being able to sidepass your horse sets you up for success and teaches your horse to move away from pressure.
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Sidepass the Log

Build on the introduction of the sidepass to apply the sidepass to a ranch riding pattern.
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Moving Off Your Leg

Teaching your horse to move off your leg is an essential part of riding and should be one of the first things you work on in the saddle. Whether you show your horse or like to trail ride, it's something that you'll use to prepare for lope departures, lead changes, and successful spins.
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Working the Flag; Sidepass

Keep your horse patient when working the flag. Steps to teach your horse to sidepass.
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Gain Control With the Sidepass

Master the sidepass for optimal control over your horse's front and hind ends.
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