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Brad Barkemeyer explains the different bits you should use when working on collection with your horse.

Bits You Should Use for Collection

Brad Barkemeyer explains why you should use certain types of bits when working your horse to improve collection.
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Gallop Poll: Snaffle Bit or Correction Bit?

Answer this survey and let us know which type of bit you use!
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Colt Starting: Riding in a Snaffle

Bud Lyon shows you how he likes to ride a young horse in a snaffle bit for the first time.
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Colt Starting: Smooth Snaffle

Bud Lyon explains how to transition young horses from a side pull or hackamore to a smooth snaffle bit.
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When to use a Snaffle Bit

Learn when to use a snaffle bit with your horse.
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Soft in the Snaffle

Riding in a snaffle bit is a critical skill in taking your horsemanship to the next level, no matter what type of riding you do. Keeping a horse soft in a snaffle bit requires deliberate hand movement, proper body position, and precise release. Your horse’s feet should be connected to his mouth through the bridle and through your body, and developing a feel for that connection takes intentional practice in the saddle.
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I’m Not Alone! (How My Horse Life Compares to Others’)

Do you ever wonder how your own horse-life choices, decisions, and preferences compare to others’? The H&R Gallop Poll is a way to find out.
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Gallop Poll: How Many Bits Do You Own?

With this survey, we're askin how many bits you own. Please take our poll, then check results later in the magazine or at the H&R Gallop Poll Results Page.
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Get Snaffle-Bit Smart

This simple, go-to piece of tack has more going for it than you might know. Learn about proper use and different styles of snaffle bits.
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Train for Power Steering

A solid start with a snaffle and mindful progression to a bridle will give your horse power steering for his entire performance career.
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Bit Up!

Choose the right bit for optimal on-trail communication and control with this expert guide.
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