Starting A Colt

saddling a horse

Winning Insights: Cody Crow on Saddling a Horse for the First Time

Cody Crow talks us through saddling a 2-year-old horse for the first time and explains his process for safely introducing a horse to saddle.
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Colt Starting: Getting On

Bud Lyon demonstrates the safest and most effective way to get on your young horse for the first time.
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Colt Starting: Using Spurs

Learn how to properly use spurs on a young horse with help from Bud Lyon.
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Colt Starting: Riding in a Snaffle

Bud Lyon shows you how he likes to ride a young horse in a snaffle bit for the first time.
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Colt Starting: Snaffle Pressure and Release

Bud Lyon demonstrates how to make sure your young horse understands pressure and release.
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Getting Firm with Your Horse

Sometimes you have to get firm with your horse to set boundaries with him. Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts explains.
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Colt Starting: Smooth Snaffle

Bud Lyon explains how to transition young horses from a side pull or hackamore to a smooth snaffle bit.
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Colt Starting: Moving Forward

Teaching your horse how to move forward may sound easier than what it actually is. Bud Lyon explains and demonstrates how to teach a young horse to move forward.
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Though Saddie came to Kelly Lear as a fearful, hard-to-control yearling with abuse in her past, the pair matured together into world-class competitors.

The Little Horse That Could

Sometimes cost and pedigree and professional training aren’t what make the difference. Sometimes it’s what’s inside that counts.
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