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Notes for the ‘Type A’ Rider

Is being a control freak good or bad for your riding? Andrea Fappani offers four tips to make it work for you and one bonus tip for those who aren’t intense perfectionists.
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Matt Palmer's Journey to The Run For A Million

All riders face obstacles in their riding, be they mental or physical. The important thing is knowing how to overcome them to achieve your goals.
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Keep your horse focused. A horse stands distracted at the Brad Barkemeyer Win-A-Day Clinic.

Ditch the Distractions

Do distractions derail your ride? Here are four tips to minimize outside interference when you’re horseback.
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Is Your Mind Telling Your Body Lies?

Lifelong horsewoman Sheley Brien explains how your body reacts to what your mind tells it and how negative self talk can affect your riding.
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Tips to Beat Horse Show Nerves

Take control of your pre-horse-show jitters and nerves with help from these seasoned professional and non-pro riders.
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NRHA Professional Billy Williams considers his wife, Veronica, one of the strongest members of his circle that helps propel him toward his goals.]

From Your Circle to the Winner’s Circle

Those who surround you in your riding endeavors can help make—or break—your success in the saddle.
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A Meeting of the Minds

Here are 10 mindset tips for riding young horses from the Along for the Ride symposium from Andrea Fappani, Shawn Flarida, and Nick Dowers.
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6 Tips to Make a Comeback After a Hiatus from the Show Pen

A hiatus from the show pen—or riding in general—doesn’t have to be the end of your saddle time. Here are six tips to get you inspired.
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Pro Goal-Setting Tips

Kick 2022 into high-gear by setting goals developed with tips from an expert coach.
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Learn From Everyone

As you reflect on 2021, look for opportunities to learn, even in unexpected places.
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Paralyzed by Perfection

When you’re conditioned to be perfect in all you do, it can prevent you from progressing in your riding. Mustang Maddy explains why being a perfectionist with your horse can actually cause failure.
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Balancing Horses and Family

When things are settled at home, it’s easier to clearly focus on your riding goals.
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Fueled to Win

Give your body the fuel it needs to be on point when competition gets tough.
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Step Away to Refocus

Sometimes the best way to solve a horse problem is to do non-horse things.
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Kari Klingenberg rides reining stallion Mr Electric Spark

Manage Mistakes

Don’t let momentary lapses of horsemanship sabotage your path to success.
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