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The Number 1 Thing You Should Do Before Buying a Horse

When you’re buying a horse, don’t neglect this one key pre-purchase check that will tell you if you’ll be able to ride him with confidence.
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Your Fix-It Super Tool: The Leg-Yield

Learn how Al Dunning and Warwick Schiller use the humble leg-yield to solve problems and improve a horse. (You can, too!)
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4 Deceptively Simple Ways to Become the Best Rider You Can Be

Good riding depends on a lot of factors, some of them out of your control. Here’s how to maximize four things you *can* control to fast-track your progress.
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Become a Bolder Rider With This Secret Weapon

Learn the secret weapon to becoming a bolder, more confident rider—by developing trust in your horse and in your own horsemanship skills.
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Straight From the (Old) Horse’s Mouth

Your horse has a few words for you about senior horse care.
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Practice Makes…(wait for it)…*Possible*

We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect, right? But…is it practice—rather than talent—that makes the biggest difference in how good you get at something?
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Bareback Horse Riding: Not Just for Kids!

If you want to build your strength and fine-tune your balance, it's time to give bareback horse riding a try.
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3 Tips to Glue You in That Saddle promo image

3 Tips To Stay Secure in the Saddle

Sitting pretty' starts with staying secure in the saddle. Here are 3 stick-like-glue tips to boost your base of support.
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