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Trail Riding Monthly Volume 11: Trail Riding Training

Gear up for spring trail rides with training tips from trail riding experts.
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Show Horse to Trail Riding Horse

Your show horse’s experience and conditioning are suited to making him a trail riding horse. Here’s how to make a smooth transition.
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Stop a Grass Grabber promo image

Stop a Grass Grabber

If your horse is busy eyeing his next meal rather than paying attention to you, gain control with Clinton Anderson’s three-step technique.
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On-Trail Confidence Boost

Have you ever lost your nerve when your trail horse has balked? Here, Julie Goodnight gives you her three-step confidence boost.
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half halt weekly tip

Half-Halt Help

Having trouble getting your horse to collect himself in preparation for a flying lead change? Borrow a tip from the English disciplines and try a half-halt.
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Lari Shea

Endurance Riding 101

Sharpen your trail skills with this series from endurance champion Lari Shea, owner of California’s Ricochet Ridge Ranch. This issue: Eight-step guide to competitive endurance riding.
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Heidi Melocco

Improve Your Horse-Camping Skills

Are you a first-time horse camper? Here's what we need to know and how to prepare yourself so things go smoothly.
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Julie Goodnight: The Drop-Head Cue promo image

The Drop-Head Cue

Watch as Julie Goodnight shows you how to teach your horse the drop-head cue from the saddle.
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