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Preparing to Train at Home

Your daily training process should differ from your horse-show routine. Brad Barkemeyer explains why you should focus on fundamentals at home, and then walks you through his cow horse warm-up.
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Circling a Cow During At-Home Training

Brad Barkemeyer explains why you should Include circling practice into your at-home training routine with cattle.
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Horse&Rider OnDemand Releases New Trail and Horsemanship Videos with Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue

Horse&Rider OnDemand is expanding! On top of our already expansive video library, we’ve recently started releasing videos on all-around events like horsemanship and trail, from world champion trainers Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue.
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Training on a Cow at Home

Brad Barkemeyer goes over the basics of schooling a horse on a cow at home and how it differs from preparing to show.
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Preparing to Show at Home

Learn how Brad Barkemeyer prepares his horse for a training session at home.
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Spatial Awareness on the Ground

Monique Potts explains the importance of spatial awareness and how to teach your horse to respect your personal space when you're doing groundwork.
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Off-Pattern Work to Keep Barrel Horses Sharp

Keep your barrel horse sharp with Shali Lord's off-pattern work.
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Best Equine Training Aids/Whips

Experienced equestrians and trainers know the benefit of a quality aid, whether it’s used from in the saddle or on the ground. Here are our top picks to assist with your training goals, whether your horse is just being started or is locking down your leg cues.
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Riding Fundamentals

Before your horse can neck rein he needs to respond to direct rein commands.
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Corner Control Down the Fence

Whether you’re a beginner at fencework or need to school a chargey cow horse, this exercise from NRCHA professional Brad Barkemeyer is a safe and efficient way to gain corner control down the fence.
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Pro Profile: Walt Woodard

Roping Tips for Success from Walt Woodard
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Safety in the Warm-Up Pen; Keep Your Horse in Shape

Pro reiner Darren Stancik discusses navigating the giant mixmaster that is a reining warm-up arena; Carol Metcalf covers maintaining a horse’s condition.
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3 Rules for Dealing With Quirky Horses

Use these insights to help solve (or at least learn to live with) your horse’s ‘unique’ personality.
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Trivia Challenge: Reiner Jargon

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more fun and interesting information about horses and horsemanship, read H&R’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below.)
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