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Drawing Back to Turnaround

If a horse comes through the turn with his shoulder first, then usually he hasn't drawn back over his hocks to create an efficient turn.
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Teaching the Turnaround

Brad Barkemeyer shows you the beginning steps to teaching your horse how to turn around.
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Reining to Ranch Riding: Turns

Teach your reining horse how to turn instead of spin when competing in the ranch riding.
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Green Horse Turnaround

Working with a green horse? Here’s how to start the turnaround.
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Introduction to Ranch Riding: Turnarounds

Bud Lyon teaches a novice ranch rider how to perform turnarounds and spins.
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Skill Set Unlocked

Master these milestones to get your horse ready to tackle all-around classes with advice from APHA Professional Horseman Mike Hachtel.
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Secrets to Stop the Spin

A precise end to a set of spins keeps you out of the penalty box and prevents your horse from developing bad habits.
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Ace Your Pivot

Perfect your horse’s turnaround with these helpful tips and troubleshooting pointers.
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Simplify the Turn

There’s a secret subtlety when it comes to turns for any type of riding. It involves you following your horse’s movement and staying out of his way. Really—it’s that simple. Your horse notices everything you do in the saddle, so you can inadvertently get in his way without even knowing it. Here I’ll explain how something as simple as turning your torso away from the turn hinders your horse’s turning ability.
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